Privacy policy

UK GDPR Consent Form

  1. What we collect. Collective Communities CIC, trading as EK Collective, will be the “controller” of the personal data you provide to us. We will collect personal data about you, such as name, contact number, home address, email address and information about your company where applicable. This includes, your company number, registration address, phone and email address. We will also request that you provide us with the contact details of two persons who are to act as your emergency contacts. In addition, upon signing up as member of the EK Collective, we will photocopy a valid form of ID to keep in our records, both in print and digital format.
  2. Why we need it. We collect your personal data in order to provide you with the services you have engaged us to provide, and to assert our right to be recompensed in return of these services, as per the agreement or contract we have with you or your company.
  3. What we do with it. All the data we have collected will be handled by the staff and directors of EK Collective and any representatives acting on their behalf. Data will not be passed on to any third parties for marketing purposes or other non-consensual activities. Your data is securely stored both in print and online and cannot be accessed by any unauthorised parties. EK Collective holds the right to pass on any data collected if there is a legal obligation to do so by an authorised legal body such as Law Enforcement agencies.
  4. How long we keep it. EK Collective will keep all collected data until the termination of your agreement and for up to two years after that. Data might be held for longer if there is any ongoing disputes between EK Collective and you or your company.
  5. Intercommunications. EK Collective has its own WhatsApp groups that are intended for communication with staff and with other members. The purpose of the group is to build community and encourage collaborations with other members. The mobile number of every individual is available for members of the group to see. Members can opt out at any time. EK Collective will email members of the group with any relevant updates and information related to our services. I have read and understood how my data is being processed and I consent to my data being used for the purposes stated in this document.